Unique location – close to everything

Thanks to the newly finished Haabersti intersection, the people of Tiskreoja will have a good connection to every part of the city. You can reach Liberty Square in 15 minutes and Rocca al Mare shopping center in 3 minutes by car. A new 4-lane Rannamõisa road with the new roundabout that will be finished in 2020 provides quick access to the homes from Rannamõisa road.


Well-planned landscape architecture and greenery

You can enjoy the beauty of your neighborhood every day, because an exclusive and well-planned landscaping project will make Tiskreoja an exceptionally beautiful and green living environment. In addition to many trees, bushes and flowers, a small wood will be created between Rannamõisa road and the homes, creating a quiet and private atmosphere in the housing estate.

Convenient local shop and a café

We will create an integrated and cozy living environment where you don’t have to leave from – everything needed for everyday life is conveniently close at hand. Tiskreoja habitants will have their own local shop and a café.

Activity kilometer for walking and sporting

In addition to the general health tracks and areas for sporting, playing and recreation, every house will have a separate playground or a park area. All the buildings are connected to the network of light traffic paths. The housing estate is also traversed by up to a kilometer of activity paths and a park will be built between the houses. At the one end, there is a playground and at the other end, there is a picnic area.

A true investment into the future

The decision of buying a home is often made only with the price of the square meter in mind, and often the surroundings of the houses or the aspects that might influence the value of the house in the future are left unconsidered. Tiskreoja provides several advantages at once – in addition to the good price you will have a high-quality home with all conveniences, several recreational opportunities and a well-planned living environment in the greenery.

Fancy sports areas and playgrounds

The housing estate will have a spacious playground for children of all ages – a climbing area for children up to 8 years, an area for young people up to 14 years, a skatepark, an outside gym and a stretching area. Slightly further away from the houses are ballgame areas for sports fans of all ages.

Family-friendly and innovative local government

Harku municipality will guarantee a kindergarten or a school place for all children living in Tiskreoja. The children from large families are exempt from the kindergarten place fee. The new kindergarten has just been finished and the new Tabasalu education campus that will be completed together with Tiskreoja will guarantee modern school places for everybody. 2/3 of the municipality’s costs is intended for education.

Safe environment

The main idea of Tiskreoja is comfort and family-centered being. Every apartment building has a parking space on one side and an enclosed greenery area on the other side of the house, so you can always safely send your kids outside to play.

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