External walls are insulated and covered with either the plaster or wood cladding according to the architectural solution.


The building is erected on slab foundation.

The load-bearing walls of the buildings are made of full-concrete hollow blocks. All interior walls between the apartments are made from 240mm full-concrete hollow blocks to ensure the soundproofing. Interior walls of the apartment are smooth-plastered and painted. Walls of the shafts are made of lightweight blocks that are smooth-plastered and painted from the apartment side. The non-load-bearing walls of the apartments are gypsum carton walls on metal structure.

Floors are from mounted hollow panels with footfall sound insulation and concrete levelling casting.

The building has an insulated flat roof, covered with rolling material.

Staircases (for apartment buildings)

The three-storey buildings have one elevator carrying 6 people. There are storage boxes on the first floor.  The staircases on the third floor have natural light from the rooflight of the staircase.

Walls of the staircase are painted, the floor is covered with ceramic tile, and the ceiling is from the finished concrete or it is a plaster suspended ceiling.


The building has a plastic frame windows. The windows have partly opened triple glazing units. Each room has at least one ventilated window part.

Terraces and balconies

The first floor apartments have spacious terraces. Almost all apartments have a balcony. The apartments with a balcony have a metal railing as a balcony railing that matches the architecture.

Heating and ventilation

The heat source of the apartment buildings is a gas network. The terraced houses use air-water heating pump as the source of heating. A radiant floor heating system is installed.

All apartments and the terraced houses have the apartment-based heat recovery ventilation (ventilation unit either behind the wall or on the wall, depending on the apartment).

Electrical installation and lighting

Electrical wiring inside the building is carried out, switches and plugs are installed according to the apartment plan.

CAT6 data communication wiring is performed on the basis that the buyer of the apartment joins the preferred service provider. The apartments have a central phono system for opening the front door of the staircase.

The locations of luminaires are supplied with supply ends. Luminaires for bathrooms, toilets and halls are installed as part of the interior finishing packet. The luminaries installed to the apartments are LED luminaires.

Sauna (only in apartments with sauna)

Decks and platform from alder. An electric heater is installed.


The walls and ceilings of the living rooms are painted, the walls of the bathrooms are covered with ceramic tiles or painted according to an architectural project. Veneer parquet is used for finishing the floors of living rooms and hallways; in the toilets, bathrooms, and saunas, the floors are covered with ceramic tiles. The apartment price includes sanitary equipment.

The developer reserves the right to replace the materials and equipment described herein with equivalent or better. The apartment prices include interior finishing.

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