Homes with a touch of luxury

Tiskreoja housing estate, designed by the renowned architecture agency PIN Arhitektid, will consist of modern, energy efficient houses with elevators. The homes will have high windows and spacious terraces or balconies. Privacy is enhanced with an additional layer of insulation and the location of the buildings protects you from your neighbors’ eyes.

Dominating materials are wood and glass

The buildings are cozy, no more than 3 stories tall, and designed with similar elements, but in a way that their appearance won’t be monotonous. The facade is mainly made from friendly wood and despite the energy class of B, the houses have a lot of glass surface.

Therapeutic environment

The houses are located further away from the main road and for complete privacy, a small wood between the first houses and the road will be created. The whole neighborhood will have a consistent and well planned landscaping. There will be playgrounds, an outside gym, ballgame areas, light traffic paths, a park beside the houses and an activity kilometer.

Well thought-out floor plans

The floor plans in Tiskreoja are practical and well-planned to enable the maximum use of space in a way that all the furniture would have its own right place. Almost all the apartments with at least 3 rooms have an additional space – a wardrobe or a storage area. The interior architecture of the buildings is created by Kersti Nigols and Kariina Kaufmann from the interior architecture agency Ruutu 6.

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